Kumain – How To Eat

There’s no sign – or, rather, a hand written wonky sign on a grungy street (sorry Ludlow) – so it has been under the radar for a while.  I’ve been going for years now (to be honest, it was my son, Jeremy, who schlepped me down first) but after that first visit, greed, disguised as protectiveness, kept me from sharing the spot.

Kumain, I have just learned, is “to eat” in filipino.  Kuma Inn is how to eat, in English.  One family creates this delicious fusion filipino, thai and other southeast asian food that comes in waves (the price is right) and that you share happily with your mates.  Reorder what you can’t bear to live without.  And if you can’t bear to leave at all, you can order out from their “To Go” menu, and take a bit of Kuma Inn to kumain at home.


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